Mahi to the People / GEZAN


In 2009, he formed the band GEZAN in Osaka. She started her music career as a vocalist, writing lyrics and composing music. In addition to his solo activities, he has produced several albums as NUUAMM with Ichiko Aoba. He has also worked on film accompaniment and commercial music, and in the non-musical field, he has released domestic and international artists on his own label, Jyusangetsu, and organized the free festival, Zen Sensory Festival. In 2019, he will publish his first novel, The Quietest Revolution in the Galaxy, and GEZAN's documentary film Tribe Called Discord will be screened nationwide by SPACE SHOWER FILM. A documentary film about GEZAN, Tribe Called Discord, is being screened nationwide by SPACE SHOWER FILM. The band will perform on the WHITE STAGE at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL, and will release their 5th ALBUM Kya Klue in January 2020, and will appear in Toshiaki Toyoda's film "Destruction Day", which is currently being screened nationwide. His first essay "Hikari Bokuchi" was released from East Press.


It is the wind of the new season that is stirred and fluttered by the Sensu. I designed it with the image of flower petals blowing up in the midst of the confusing season. What kind of times are waiting for us? Let's dance.

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