Modern Japanese Hand Fan is called "SENSU"








_Who We are

Here, All Modern Style SENSU are made by the Kyoto Craftmanship is organized by Miyawaki Baisenan which has 300 years history as a SENSU maker in Kyoto. Summer or winter, formal or casual. To be able to hold SENSU more freely to suit every occasion and every style.

Today, SENSU is mainly used as an equipment to keep cool. However, if you trace its roots, you will find the history of being as an accessory.

It has its roots in the Hiougi style one, which is a bundle of strips of wood. The thin, folded shape, which is unique to Japan, was used in ceremonies and rituals.

In the Heian period, it became a necessity for the aristocrats to wear formal wear. It became an article of clothing to express dignity and a communication tool to carry the Waka poems. Over time, it was refined as an art form and developed together with traditional performing arts and the world of the tea ceremony, becoming a symbolic item of Japanese culture.

BANANA to YELLOW will reexamine the origins and culture , and present a MODERN STYLE.


Wearable Art

The traditional craftsmanship that we continues to protect, and the SENSU covered with pop and avant-garde motifs. We have created a completely new style, paying special attention to the way it looks when folded.

We create an art that can be worn on a daily basis, rather than a hand fan for fanning. While being casually dignified, they also carry an uniqueness that draws out your personality.

Art Sensu(1st block:Shinro Otake、2nd block:Issei Kitagawa


Make You Dance

SENSU is the essential equipment in Japanese performing arts, including Japanese dance(Nihon-buyō), Kabuki, and Rakugo. They have both a sacred image and a glamorous appearance, and together with music and dance, they uplift people's spirits.

Dance with the music in your daily life. Be driven by your instincts and spontaneous feelings, be a dancer be yourself.

The BANANA NIGHT which is a collaboration event with young music artists.

Collaboration with GEZAN. Here is the product list


As Your Symbol

In the days when kimonos were the norm, fans were worn as a manner of etiquette for formal occasions and carried as an accessory for casual occasions, and were coordinated for any season.

For formal and casual. To be free and to be loyal.

We promice the nice fitting with a T-shirt, in a denim pocket, in a suit, or in a business bag. So, try out with your own style.


Modern Design Sensu with Quality

This is our new SENSU challenge for adopting new generation in Kyoto. Looks modern, sometimes younger, but Our Authentic Historical Craftmanship is always contained. For materials, well cared processes, inherited technics, whole contexts promises "Quality".

Time goes by, but Our Spirit is here for over 300 years.

We developed the perfumes are insipired by authentic SENSU fregrant.